About Us

For over three decades, BOTEC Analysis has offered intellectual leadership and government advisory services in the realm of criminal and drug policy. The BOTEC approach is balanced, aware of the costs of both criminal and drug-using activity as well as the enforcement efforts designed to reduce that activity. The company’s work is evidence-based and grounded in academic literature as well as recent developments reported in the field.

Recent projects have examined illicit cigarette markets, connections between drug use and criminal behavior, and policies for reducing the violence of drug-trafficking organizations. A major focus within crime policy has been “swift and certain” sanctions regimes. BOTEC researchers were responsible for a seminal 2009 evaluation of the HOPE pilot in Hawaii and several efforts to replicate and evaluate HOPE-style programs elsewhere in the nation. BOTEC’s involvement with probation reform is part of our commitment to problem solving at the intersection of the criminal justice system, illicit markets, drug abuse, and public health.

BOTEC’s reputation for excellence and integrity allows it to tap into the best thinkers and researchers. BOTEC’s diverse staff offers a robust mix of expertise featuring renowned economists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, academics, and a Nobel laureate. Specialties include game theory, public policy, operations research, modeling, law enforcement, randomized-control trials, evaluation, and more. Recent clients include the National Institute of Justice, the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the City of Seattle, and numerous non-profit grant-making institutions.

Our Mission

BOTEC Analysis is a research and consulting firm that develops solutions to issues in public policy, particularly in the areas of crime, justice, and drug policy.

Our Process

A back-of-the-envelope calculation (BOTEC) starts with the question and then uses the best information available – even if that information is only approximate – to figure out the relevant answer. Sometimes that sort of rough calculation leaves the right course of action in doubt. That’s the time to roll up your sleeves and go collect some new data or do fancier analysis.

Our Vision

Results matter more than slogans. Relevance trumps precision. The path eventually mapped by rigorous analysis is found with a back-of-the-envelope calculation.