Weed Reads: The 10 Best Books on Pot (The Daily Beast)

Just two years ago Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know hit the shelves. Now it’s being acclaimed as the second best book on pot. Congratulations to Jonathan Caulkins, Angela Hawken, Beau Kilmer, and Mark Kleiman for their success. And thank you for making sense out of marijuana readily accessible to the wider audience.

By ROGER ROFFMAN | April 27, 2014

There are currently more than 5,200 English language books in print about cannabis—enough to fill a small library’s shelves. From tomes on horticulture and botany to recipes to legal and political history to the tales of poets and lovers, musicians and dreamers, entrepreneurs, rogues, and outlaws, they represent a rich portrait of America’s contrasting mores about cannabis.

From the author of Marijuana Nation, here is a list of top pot books.

Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know by Jonathan Caulkins, Angela Hawken, Beau Kilmer, & Mark Kleiman (2012)

Just before the 2012 historic legalization votes in Colorado and Washington state, these policy wonks gave us readable bite-sized answers to 150 of the most commonly asked question about pot and legalization. A few samples: Has marijuana been getting more potent? Would legalization increase marijuana use and dependence? What special regulations could apply to legal marijuana? Here the reader is offered alternative ways legalization might be designed, how pot might be taxed, and whether advertising might be restricted. The book’s purpose is made clear in the introduction: “(We) have done our best in this book to lay out the issues as clearly as we could. The rest is up to you.”

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