Want people to drink less? Make their cigarettes more expensive (WA Post)

 October 27

Money to burn. (Flickr user Marius Mellebye/CC)

Money to burn. (Flickr user Marius Mellebye/CC)

A recent Congressional Budget Office study concluded that a 10 percent increase in cigarette prices leads to a 5 to 15 percent decrease in teen smoking rates, and a 3 to 7 percent decrease among all adults.

The Washington University study finds that the same 10 percent cigarette price increase also leads to a 1 percent decrease in alcohol consumption. But the researchers found that when it comes to tax policy, all drinks aren’t created equal: “Strengthening of tobacco policies was associated with reductions in beer and spirits consumption, but not wine. This suggests that smoking and drinking beer are more strongly related than smoking and drinking wine.”

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