Robert Jesse

Senior Researcher / Investigator

Robert JesseRobert Jesse is convenor of the Council on Spiritual Practices. Through CSP, he was instrumental in creating the psilocybin research team at the Johns Hopkins University, and he is one of its co-investigators. He also lead the writing of an amicus brief for the U.S. Supreme Court in a key religious liberty case. The Court’s 8-0 decision upheld the right of a church, the União do Vegetal, to its sacrament containing the controlled substance DMT. Bob has been central in the formation of a dance-based spiritual community that draws liberally from the non-creedal, non-hierarchical ways of the Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends). Prior to CSP, he worked as a consultant in information technology for AT&T Bell Labs and others, then in several capacities for Oracle Corporation, lastly as a vice president of business development. His university training is in computer science and electrical engineering.
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