Pro-pot efforts hoping for young voting crowd (CBS)

By CBS | November 3, 2014

Campaign volunteers in Oregon are using the final days before Tuesday’s election canvassing voters about Measure 91. If passed, it would legalize, regulate and tax recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

Supporters have raised $7 million and what’s at stake is tax revenue. Since January, Colorado has taken in $45 million from recreational and medical marijuana sales.

Yet, the latest polls in Oregon suggest it’s going to be close. 46 percent of likely voters oppose the legislation and 44 percent support it.

In Alaska, where voters have twice said “no” to legalization, Measure 2 is too close to call. According to the ACLU, 81 percent of Alaska’s drug arrests are for marijuana possession, the highest in the country.

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