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BOTEC at a Glance

What is BOTEC Analysis?

BOTEC Analysis is a research and consulting firm that develops and implements solutions to issues in public policy, particularly in the areas of criminal justice and drug policy.

What Does “BOTEC” Mean?

BOTEC stands for Back Of The Envelope Calculations. We believe that it is more important for a solution to be substantially right rather than precisely wrong.

Who Are Our Experts?

BOTEC Analysis has more than 30 research professionals available for comment to policymakers, journalists, and public officials. Our decades of expertise span a wide range of criminal justice and drug policy issues, including mass incarceration, policing and police reform, marijuana legalization, taxation and regulation, prison overcrowding, juvenile detention, courts and sentencing, prisoner re-entry, harm reduction, probation and parole, illicit drug markets and terrorism, drug use and public health, organized crime, and cartel violence, among others.

Management Team

BOTEC Analysis is led by Founder and Chairman Mark Kleiman. Our President and Managing Director is Brad Rowe.


BOTEC Analysis provides research and consulting services to community corrections, public safety, and other government agencies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and foundations.


BOTEC Analysis is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, while our experts are located across the United States.

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