Philip J. Cook

Senior Researcher / Investigator

Philip J. CookPhilip J. Cook, Ph.D., is ITT/Sanford Professor of Public Policy, and Professor of Economics and Sociology, at Duke University. Dr. Cook completed his PhD in economics at the University of California, Berkeley in 1973. He has conducted research on various aspects of crime and criminal justice throughout his career, with a sustained focus on gun violence and gun policy. He serves as co-organizer of the NBER Workshop on the Economics of Crime. His current work is in the areas of: truancy prevention, school crime prevention, school trajectories, prisoner reentry, economics of crime prevention, and alcohol control policy. He serves as Principal Investigator for a federally funded evaluation of a truancy prevention experiment in six primary schools in collaboration with the Durham Public Schools. His previous research is generally in the areas of public health policy and social policy. He has published a number of books on such topics as alcohol control policy, state lotteries, crime control, and the costs of gun violence. He is co-author with Robert H. Frank of The Winner-Take-All Society. He has served as consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice (Criminal Division) and to the U.S. Department of Treasury (Enforcement Division). His service with the National Academy of Science includes membership on expert panels dealing with alcohol-abuse prevention, injury control, violence, school rampage shootings, underage drinking, and the deterrent effect of the death penalty. Dr. Cook is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and an honorary Fellow in both the American Society of Criminology and of the Academy of Experimental Criminology.
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