Mark Kleiman interview by Damian Christie (New Zealand Drug Foundation)


Mark Kleiman interview

In addition to being an author, blogger, and Professor of Public Policy at UCLA, Mark Kleiman is also the ‘pot czar’ of Washington, tasked with advising the State’s government on their 2012 move to legalize cannabis for recreational use. He was the keynote speaker at the 2nd International Symposium on Drugs and Driving, hosted by the NZ Drug Foundation in Wellington in November 2014.

While he was here, Professor Kleiman sat down for a chat with Damian Christie. In this interview he explains how he became an accidental drug expert, why he disagrees with both drug warriors and rabid legalisers, and his suggestions to cope with the harms of drugs. He suggests increasing the tax on alcohol, introducing a special ‘drinker’s licence’, and self-imposed quotas for cannabis as alternative policy options.

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