Marijuana Legalization May Have China’s Big Pot Competing With American Cannabis Companies (Inquisitr)

By Inquisitr | August 10, 2014


Marijuana legalization is sweeping the United States, but already some are claiming legal weed won’t become a Big Pot that could compete with the likes of the already well-established Big Tobacco. But could it be that China will actually be the biggest player in the game?

 In a related report by The Inquisitr, we already know that big business is already crowding in on the rush to make big marijuana the next big tobacco. For example, government regulations and fees make starting a business high enough that the little guy can’t even dip a toe into the pool, never mind jumping in to swim with the big fish.

We’ve already written that regulators need to allow small business in the marijuana market, but now it’s claimed that the market will be smaller than previously projected. According to The Washington Post, Mark Kleiman, a UCLA professor who studies drug abuse and drug policy, claims marijuana business opportunities will be “a smaller industry and therefore less powerful. But I don’t think it will be less insidious.”

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