Licensed pot grow sites pass halfway mark (Union Bulletin)

By ANDY PORTER | July 19, 2014

WALLA WALLA — The state’s nascent recreational marijuana industry appears to have passed a milestone last week.

The square footage for licensed grow operations went past the 1 million mark, according to information from the Washington state Liquor Control Board. That figure is halfway toward meeting the board’s goal to have 2 million square feet of pot growing for eventual sale at state-licensed retail stores.

Retails sales of marijuana began earlier this month, and the relatively few stores in the state so far with licenses operate have been dealing with shortages of product.

The list of active growers’ licenses posted on the liquor control board’s website Tuesday showed 23 tier 1 growers, 52 tier 2 growers and 29 tier 3 growers. The total production area for all 105 licenses adds up to 1,012,200 square feet if all growers plant to their maximum allowed limit.

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