Is It a Problem That the Price of Legal Weed Is Falling? (Vice: Op-Ed)

By MARK KLEIMAN | January 22, 2015

Photo via Flickr user erocsid

Photo via Flickr user erocsid

As licensed commercial pot production takes off in Washington State, prices are collapsing.

This was predictable. After all, the idea that a legal product was going to continue to sell at black-market rates never made a whole lot of sense. One grower recently told the Associated Press that what sold for about $21 a gram last year will bring in only four bucks this year. I’m hearing some stores in Spokane now offer bud for $12 per gram retail, which isn’t very different from street prices. Washington prices are likely to go even lower over time, and there’s no reason to think that Colorado—or Oregon, for that matter—will be any different.

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