Inside marijuana shops: A picture of our future? (Insurance News Net)

By JEFF OSTROWSKI | October 18, 2014

Florida voters will decide Nov. 4 whether to follow California, Illinois, Arizona and more than a dozen other states that have legalized medical marijuana. If 60 percent of voters approve Amendment 2, Floridians will be able to buy weed with a doctor’s permission.

Colorado is the state farthest down the path of marijuana legalization. Denver’smedical marijuana dispensaries opened in 2009. This year, the sale of pot to adults without a doctor’s note became legal.

While opponents of Amendment 2 say pot proponents’ ultimate goal is Colorado-style legalization, Florida’s ballot measure would fall short of that mark. Beau Kilmer, a marijuana policy expert at the nonpartisan Rand Corp., said it’s inaccurate to think that all loosening leads to full legalization. Most states have stricter programs that allow only medical use of marijuana.

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