Community Corrections

Our Approach

BOTEC Analysis is a research and consulting firm focusing on criminal justice policy with a department dedicated to community supervision. Our clients have included federal, state and local agencies, foreign governments, non profit entities, and for-profit commercial organizations. Our Chairman is Mark Kleiman, the author of When Brute Force Fails; How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment. Dr. Kleiman founded BOTEC Analysis with the belief that better answers to seemingly intractable problems can emerge from careful analysis. Today BOTEC works with jurisdictions across the United States, showing that swiftness and certainty can bring about better results than random severity, dynamic concentration can outperform traditional allocation of resources, and that simple changes to entrenched habits in supervision can dramatically improve community corrections.

Our Clients

Massachusetts Commissioner of Probation; New Jersey State Parole Board; Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Our Services

Systems performance evaluation

Technical training and assistance

Data collection and analysis

Survey design and administration

Policy and systems analysis

Process management

Recruitment of Subject Matter Experts and thought-leaders

Individual investigations for unique situations

Analysis of unintended consequences resulting from existing policy

Comparative analysis of policy proposals

Custom operations analytics and insights

Industry trend analyses and policy white-papers