College Tribune (Kleiman): High Stakes: Interview with Mark Kleiman

Is the prohibition of narcotics a mark of a society which is feeding rather than preventing the drugs trade? Alex Criado sat down with UCLA Professor, author and advisor to the U.S government – arguably one of the most influential figures on narcotics in the U.S, Mark Kleiman, to find out.

By ALEX CRIADO – April 14, 2014


Mark Kleiman is a professor in public policy in UCLA, comically known as “pot’s go-to guy.” However, he has soberly brought a lot of attention and insight upon the flaws of the U.S justice system, particularly America’s contribution to the war on drugs and the subsequent faults of drug prohibition. I went about this interview intending to convince young voters like myself that we must cease believing that prohibition is functional. Many illicit substances are demonized due to rhetoric over their nascent hazards to both health and society. However, when you compare these potential hazards to the present hazards and damage caused by alcohol, it does make one question the logic of our current policies. In particular in how we qualify drugs illicitness. This interview is not a glorification of weed or other illicit substances, but a demand for a better system; that does treat addiction, which respects personal freedoms and that is both pragmatic as well as realistic about how our society actually functions.

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