Crime and Justice

State of the Union: A Curious Silence on Drugs and Crime

By Richard Hahn Watching the first thirty seconds of the State of the Union Address last night, many people interested in the politics of crime and drug policy must have exclaimed, as I did, “Our issues!” when President Obama listed…

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Mark A.R. Kleiman

BOTEC NEWS – Chairman Mark Kleiman launches crime reduction and justice initiative at NYU Marron Institute

BOTEC Analysis founder and chairman Mark Kleiman joins New York University this summer as Professor of Public Policy at the Marron Institute of Urban Management, creating the institute’s crime reduction and justice portfolio. This platform will allow him to scale up…

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COMMENTARY – We don’t need to keep criminals in prison to punish them

America’s prison state is a disaster. One percent of the adult population is behind bars, and corrections is squeezing higher education out of state budgets. We have five times as many people in prison as we ever had before 1980, and five times…

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