Crime and Justice

Should the Federal Government Be Involved in Civil Asset Forfeiture?

February 26, 2016 By: Tyler Jones Civil asset forfeiture – that is, the ability of the government to seize the implements of and proceeds from criminal activities – is a controversial policy to say the least.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation…

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Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Accuracy, Drug Dogs, and the Supreme Court’s Error in Florida v. Harris

February 12, 2016 By: Tyler Jones As I’ve covered before, drug dogs aren’t as reliable as most law enforcement officers (or courts) believe them to be.  In short, recent experiments in controlled settings and analysis of field data have posed…

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predictive policing

Is Predictive Policing Like Minority Report?

By Clarissa Manning Imagine the ability to foresee every crime before it happens and stop the expected perpetrator before any heinous act is committed. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the 2002 film Minority Report. In the…

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The Hostage Situation Over Criminal Justice Reform

January 22, 2016 By Richard Hahn Thinking back on the very first official response to a State of the Union Address, delivered by Gerald Ford and Everett Dirksen in 1966, one cannot help but draw comparisons to Speaker Paul Ryan…

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State of the Union: A Curious Silence on Drugs and Crime

By Richard Hahn Watching the first thirty seconds of the State of the Union Address last night, many people interested in the politics of crime and drug policy must have exclaimed, as I did, “Our issues!” when President Obama listed…

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