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Treating Opiate Addiction in Teens as a Disease, Not a Stigma

February 5, 2016 By: Lowry Heussler The “opiate epidemic” seems to have caused the public and our elected officials to come around on the matter of addictive illness; fewer of them favor jail over treatment, and you don’t hear as many…

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Weed World: Lessons from Marijuana Legalization Around the Globe (Foreign Affairs)

In the blink of an eye, global debates about cannabis regulation have shifted from “whether” to “how.”

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Five Best Ideas of the Day: March 20 (Time)

The prison system is costly and rarely rehabilitates prisoners. Imagine a better way to transition inmates to freedom.

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Our Prison System Is Broken; Here’s a Fix (Newser)

It’s expensive, and it’s not rehabilitating our ever-growing number of inmates, who tend to return to the streets only to commit more crimes. Their solution? Something called “graduated re-entry.”

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The Challenge of Cultural Change on Rikers Island (Gotham Gazette – Op Ed)

There is now widespread agreement that Rikers Island requires significant reform.

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