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BOTEC NEWS – Jamaican Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce Hires BOTEC Analysis as Consultant to Recommend Regulations for Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

BOTEC Analysis to provide non-binding recommendations to help promote Jamaican economic development, investment, and local job growth while protecting public health and safety. KINGSTON, JAMAICA (August 13, 2015) — Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce announced today that BOTEC…

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Mark A.R. Kleiman

BOTEC NEWS – Chairman Mark Kleiman launches crime reduction and justice initiative at NYU Marron Institute

BOTEC Analysis founder and chairman Mark Kleiman joins New York University this summer as Professor of Public Policy at the Marron Institute of Urban Management, creating the institute’s crime reduction and justice portfolio. This platform will allow him to scale up…

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COMMENTARY – We don’t need to keep criminals in prison to punish them

America’s prison state is a disaster. One percent of the adult population is behind bars, and corrections is squeezing higher education out of state budgets. We have five times as many people in prison as we ever had before 1980, and five times…

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NEW REPORT – Faster and Cheaper: How Ride-Sourcing Fills a Gap in Low-Income Los Angeles Neighborhoods

READ THE REPORT The debate about how to regulate ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft – even whether to ban them entirely – has suffered from a surfeit of passionate assertion and a deficit of systematic data collection. Ridesharing…

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IN THE NEWS – The most convincing argument for legalizing psychedelics

In this article in Vox, BOTEC Analysis Chairman Mark Kleiman discusses the case for legalizing hallucinogens. Although the drugs have gotten some media attention in recent years for helping cancer patients deal with their fear of death and helping people quit…

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