Cannabis Policy

Our Approach

BOTEC Analysis is a research and consulting firm specializing in drug policy, especially the emerging marijuana markets, and the opiate crisis. Our clients have included federal, state and local agencies, foreign governments, non-profit entities, and for-profit commercial organizations. BOTEC has gained international recognition for providing actionable research and analysis that empowers businesses, government agencies, and investors to make informed decisions within the regulated cannabis industry. Our Chairman is Mark Kleiman, co-authored Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know, and Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know, and founded BOTEC Analysis with the belief that sensible drug policy should ‘do no harm’, serve the public interest, and be grounded in fact. Unfortunately, uninformed drug policy has been responsible for a spectacular range of unintended consequences. Today BOTEC works with jurisdictions and organizations across the United States, to provide decision-makers with accurate and relevant information to support drug policy in the interests of the public.

Our Clients

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board; Health Canada; Jamaican Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce; Marijuana Policy Group; GiveWell/Good Ventures; Cornerstone Research; A large, international research and development non-profit; A federally-recognized Native American tribe; A large, international manufacturer of therapeutic cannabinoid products

Our Services

Estimates of legal cannabis market size and demand

Equivalency and potency calculations for marijuana flower concentrates and edibles

Industry trend analyses and whitepapers

Custom business analytics and insights

Legalization implementation advisory services, including governance and administrative structures, legislative agenda, regulatory process and priorities, budget priorities, communication planning, and data gathering and analysis