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COMMENTARY – We don’t need to keep criminals in prison to punish them

America’s prison state is a disaster. One percent of the adult population is behind bars, and corrections is squeezing higher education out of state budgets. We have five times as many people in prison as we ever had before 1980, and five times...

IN THE NEWS – The most convincing argument for legalizing psychedelics

In this article in Vox, BOTEC Analysis Chairman Mark Kleiman discusses the case for legalizing hallucinogens. Although the drugs have gotten some media attention in recent years for helping cancer patients deal with their fear of death and helping people quit...

Weed World: Lessons from Marijuana Legalization Around the Globe (Foreign Affairs)

In the blink of an eye, global debates about cannabis regulation have shifted from “whether” to “how.”

Can Washington’s Gift Economy in Marijuana Work? (The New York Times)

Edited By DAVID LEONHARDT | March 20, 2015 Signing up for a seed exchange event during a cannabis conference in Washington, D.C., in February. Credit Alex Wong/Getty Images It sounds like an idea a stoner might come up with. In...

Five Best Ideas of the Day: March 20 (Time)

The prison system is costly and rarely rehabilitates prisoners. Imagine a better way to transition inmates to freedom.

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