BOTEC NEWS – Chairman Mark Kleiman launches crime reduction and justice initiative at NYU Marron Institute

Mark A.R. Kleiman

BOTEC Analysis founder and chairman Mark Kleiman joins New York University this summer as Professor of Public Policy at the Marron Institute of Urban Management, creating the institute’s crime reduction and justice portfolio. This platform will allow him to scale up his work on crime and drug policy nationally and internationally.

Kleiman joins NYU after 19 years as Professor of Public Policy at the UCLA School of Public Affairs, where his groundbreaking research on criminal justice and drug policy has bridged the gaps between academics, politicians, and field practitioners. Kleiman’s book When Brute Force Fails: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment sparked a revolution in criminal justice by outlining a strategy to cut both crime and the prison population in half within a decade by substituting capriciously delivered severe punishments with swift, certain, and fair sanctions.

The swift, certain, and fair (SCF) approach to community supervision has now spread to nearly 30 jurisdictions nationwide following the stunning success of Hawaii’s HOPE program, which utilizes random, frequent drug trusting and brief jail stays to reduce drug use and recidivism in high-risk probationers. A randomized control trial, designed and implemented by Kleiman and BOTEC Analysis expert Angela Hawken, found HOPE probationers were significantly less likely to be arrested for a new crime, to use drugs, and to have their probation revoked. A follow-up study by the National Institute of Justice found that HOPE probationers are 72% less likely to use drugs and spend approximately half as much time in prison as those who are not enrolled in the program. Kleiman will continue to strategize and implement SCF programs across the country in his role as Chairman of BOTEC Analysis, and further promote decarceration by expanding these principles to prisoner re-entry.

Kleiman will also bring decades of experience in drug control policy to the Marron Institute. His books Against Excess: Drug Policy for Results and Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know (co-authored with BOTEC Analysis consultants Angela Hawken and Jonathan Caulkins), are indispensable primers for drugs and drug policy, outlining the vast array of options available for policymakers between the two extremes of prohibition and full commercialization. Kleiman’s will continue to explore sensible approaches to drug policy, building on BOTEC’s work evaluating the rules and regulations surrounding pricing, potency, advertising, labeling, and sales of legal cannabis in Washington State and a vast array of research areas from cartel violence to tobacco smuggling.

At NYU, Kleiman will continue to advance his research on criminal justice and drug policy to solve real-world problems. He brings with him a prodigious body of research, international profile, a network of talented co-workers from across the policy spectrum, and the tremendous respect of students, colleagues, and public officials with whom he has worked to disrupt the status quo. Through exposure to a new world of policy challenges and experts at the Marron Institute, Kleiman will continue to grow as an academic and practitioner. BOTEC Analysis is excited for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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